Whether you slick on a coat of mascara or prefer a full face, there’s no denying makeup has the power to perk us up and give us that extra bit of confidence to walk out and face the day, especially when it comes to those Monday morning shadows under our eyes. But it can be expensive regime to keep up and sometimes it can be hard to justify splashing out on that new lash-lengthening mascara.

But keeping up your beauty regime doesn’t have to be so expensive. With our money saving beauty tips, you can make your makeup products last longer, saving you money and helping with your budget. When it comes to saving money on your makeup, these tips and tricks will help extend any budget.

Buy budget brands

With products like mascara and eyeliner, there’s no need to splash your cash on more expensive brands; often, the cheaper options can work just as well as the luxury brands and suit your budget better. New 24 hour mascaras really do last longer, which saves you from topping up, but you might go through a few face wipes trying to get it off! The key is to find the style of mascara brush you like (comb or bristled wand) then find a cheap brand with the right brush. The same goes for your eyeliner: if you favour liquid, find the right style applicator for you (pen or brush) and then go for your favourite budget brand. Retractable pencil eyeliners tend to last longer than the traditional options and save you from investing in a pencil sharpener too.

Use substitutes

When you know the right tips and tricks, it’s easier to make your makeup last longer, helping you to save money. Wriggling your mascara at the roots of your eyelashes can be used to replace eyeliner, especially when you’re in a rush.

Instead of buying blusher, why not save your money and substitute your lipstick instead? Rubbing a bit into your cheeks will give you the desired rosy glow just like a cream blusher without you having to invest in a separate one, and will suit your colouring perfectly as it will match up with your lipstick.

A tinted moisturiser that builds up to give you the desired effect can be a great alternative to more expensive fake tan products and saves you from spending money on separate items.

There’s a whole range of alphabet creams now available designed to cover blemishes, improve your skin tone, correct and complexion problems and even prevent lines and signs of ageing. Beauty Blemish creams can even be used as a foundation substitute, giving you a light and fresh faced look, for a smidgen of the cost.

Invest wisely

Permanent makeup can be expensive, but will last longer and work harder for your money. But make sure you do the research first to make sure you find a reputable company and ensure it’s definitely for you: tattooing makeup onto your face isn’t for everyone and it’s not a commitment you can wash off at the end of the day!

When it comes to some products, it’s worth investing more to make your makeup work for your money. Foundation is one of these. Not only do certain cheap brands not offer the full range of hues for your skin tone, meaning you often have to compromise by mixing a couple of different shades to get the right one for you, but you often need to use more to get the same coverage. They also tend to transfer or rub off throughout the day, meaning you need to constantly top up. All of this can result in you spending as much as you would had you invested in a more expensive brand. Spend a bit more and you can find a product that will match your skin tone, provide flawless coverage throughout the day and will give you full coverage using less product, meaning it will last your much longer. Trial samples will also let you try the makeup at home before you invest, so you can make sure the colour and feel is for you before you buy. They can often last for up to two weeks too, which can tide you over while you save for a full bottle. For the best results, find one that promises you all day coverage – 12-15 hours. Usually, topping up with a bit of powder through the day can make these last even longer and give you day to night coverage.

Using a brush when applying foundation will also make it go further than a sponge, which can absorb and waste the makeup. Use a brush and you’ll find less will go further.


Most of the time, your old makeup is only fit for the bin, but some beauty brands, such as Mac, will take your old lipsticks off your hands and give you a free one in return: just one more reason to recycle.

Browse offers, deals and promotional offers

Buy one, get one free; three for the price of one; 10% off. There are usually plenty of fantastic deals and offers available across ranges of makeup products that can save you from spending money unnecessarily, so make sure you look online and in shops to make sure you’re finding the deals and getting the most for your money. And with daily deals on makeup offering you savings on your favourite products, Deal Zippy is always a good place to start when you want to save money on your makeup!

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Jewellery Deals

Absolutely Love Jewellery Deals

by Martin on November 13, 2013

in Deals

Buying jewellery for women

From Marilyn Monroe cooing over diamonds to Madonna’s material girl, there’s no denying that the right piece of jewellery can be held close to a girls heart, which makes it an ideal gift if you want to treat someone special and earn yourself some serious brownie points by doing so. Chances are, you already have the perfect item in mind (maybe there have been some heavily laid on hints, to help you), in which case, off you go. But for the rest of you, let’s face it: this is a gift-giving area that can be fraught with hidden pitfalls for the unassuming shopper. Buying jewellery for a woman requires a certain finesse, or at least a decent idea of her tastes and what you can afford. Even chucking money at the biggest rock she can lift isn’t going to win over any points if she’s a minimalist. So before you head off to Tiffany, credit card happily in hand, consider these salient tips.

Who are you buying for?

Hopefully it goes without saying that your standards will be different shopping for friends and family than for a girlfriend. There are better ways to thank your mum for the years of washing your clothes than buying her a diamond ring. Try a nice pair of earrings instead.

What statement does the present make?

I don’t mean ‘Fierce for AW/13’.  Buying a ring for a girlfriend makes a strong statement and if you’re not ready to be sending out those signals yet, it might be best to steer clear. Equally, buying novelty earrings as an anniversary present for your long-term girlfriend might not go down brilliantly. Have a think about what message you’re trying to send her with your gift before you commit to a purchase.

What’s her style?

Now is not the time to casually suggest you think she’d look good with her nipple pierced by buying her a heavy duty ring. Trust me. Instead, pay attention to what she already wears and don’t deviate too far from it. Does she tend to wear gold or silver jewellery? Statement accessories or simple pieces? Hands covered in rings or bangles up to her elbows? No matter how lovely your gift, if you find something that doesn’t match her personal style, she won’t be wearing it. Granted it can be tricky, but it’ll be worth it when you find the perfect gift that shows how well you know her.  And for the love of god, make sure she has her ears pierced before you decide to buy her earrings! No matter how nice they are, if she hasn’t already pierced her ears, she’s unlikely to do so just so she can avoid the awkward conversation of why she never wears that present you spent so much money on. If necessary, asking those close to her for their opinion can be a wise idea.


While there are some fantastic options on the high street, it’s worth investing in a classic and timeless item that will last her for years to come, rather than until the trends change. This doesn’t have to mean spending a lot of money, especially if you’re working on a budget. Charm bracelets are a great gift no matter what your budget: a simple chain and small charm is going to be affordable and it gives you something to build on in the future. If you want to splash out for a special occasion, do some research on the offers and discounts available to you. Plus, instalment plans are a good way to stretch your budget and allow you to buy something that might otherwise have been out of your budget.

Fake it

Costume jewellery: the perfect thing for an inexpensive statement piece. Hunt around in vintage shops to find some of the best. Oversized cocktail rings, chandelier earrings; if she favours wearing one piece of jewellery at a time, make it count. It’s also a great way to gift some serious looking stones for a fraction of the price. They may be fake, but they’re a good stand in before you invest in the real thing. 

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London's Tower Bridge at night

Enjoying London on a budget

by Martin on October 3, 2013

in London

An incredibly vibrant city with a wealth of attractions on offer, it goes without saying that London’s a cultural hot spot that offers something for everyone, whether you’re looking for family entertainment or planning a night out. You can be visiting on a city break or have lived here your whole life: there’s never any shortage of things to do.
The only downside? It can be expensive and it’s easy to blow a budget while enjoying what London has to offer. However, this doesn’t have to be the case. With London daily deals added to Deal Zippy on a daily basis, it’s never been easier to find what you’re after at a discounted price, meaning you can enjoy the city’s top attractions regardless of your budget. It’s no wonder that London deals are so popular with our users!

This is especially true when it comes to the nightlife. Socialising with friends or a special someone over dinner is a great way to spend a night out in the city, but let’s face it: a few courses at one of your favourite restaurants can add up, particularly when you add a bottle of something or maybe a few choice cocktails to your order! Luckily, you don’t need to restrain yourself. With deals on every type of cuisine, from Cuban food to English high tea, promising you money off, you can enjoy a three course meal with champagne at a top restaurant without worrying about blowing a hole in your bank account. A night out in London has never been more affordable. And if you have something special to celebrate? Huge savings on VIP packages that include entry to clubs and transport there mean you can party with friends in style at low prices.

Of course, for more family friendly options or simply days out, there are always deals available on tickets to the circus, cinema and some of London’s top tourist attractions that will allow you to enjoy the best of what the city has to offer at a fantastic rate.

And for those that live in the city, the offers on health and beauty services will allow you to go for a facial, massage or a hair cut at one of the top salons at a discounted rate, meaning it can be completely affordable even on a tighter budget, making for a guilt-free indulgence. And who doesn’t like the sound of that?

Of course, it’s not all frivolities that are available. Some of the most popular deals are the ones that allow users to address health issues, with deals on chiropractic and physio sessions, making those expensive sessions much more affordable. Even basic cosmetic treatments, like teeth whitening and waxes are necessities for many that can add up, so it’s always worth grabbing the discount- why spend more when you don’t have to? Or, even worse, risk braving the streets with that untreated upper lip issue… There are even discount offers on gym classes and memberships, so there’s no longer an excuse not to get your work out down the gym in, no matter how much you’re looking to spend!

Chances are, you’ll be amazed at what you can afford and the money you’ll save. And with deals constantly being updated, it won’t be long before something takes your fancy.

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afternoon tea

The Growth of the Afternoon Tea Phenomenon

by John on April 25, 2013

in Deals

Afternoon tea has been around since the 1700s when it was created by Anna 7th Duchess of Bedford to counteract ‘that sinking feeling’ that she experienced in the afternoon. However, not until recent years has it become such a fashionable phenomenon that it’s virtually de rigueur for everyone from fashion week style mavens, to hen and stag dos, and those entertaining elderly relatives. [Continue reading…]

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iPads and iPhones are some of the hottest gadgets on the market today. However, one of the best things about investing in one of these top devices is that a whole industry has grown up around them providing useful and stylish accessories to enable you to get even more out of your favourite gadgets. Here is a quick look at some of the best iPad accessories and iPhone accessories currently on the market. [Continue reading…]

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You don’t need to be a true blue, dyed in the wool, John Bull patriot to know that England has some fantastic sights to see and fascinating things to do, but sometimes it does help to have a little local knowledge to winkle out the real gems. That’s why Visit England have launched their new Facebook competition with a ‘101 things to do before you go abroad’ page, inviting anyone to propose their favourite sites and sights, and offering some great holidays as prizes for those lucky enough to make the final list. [Continue reading…]

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deal map

12 Months in the Daily Deals Industry

by John on September 24, 2012

in Deal Zippy Data

Here at Deal Zippy we crunch a lot of data on the UK daily deals business. We process deals from over 30 UK deal sites which means hundreds of deals everyday. That means we’re able to serve up a great deal shopping experience to our visitors but also means we’re privy to some really interesting data on the state of the fast moving deals business.

We’ve been crunching the numbers on the last 12 months of deals we’ve seen from the top UK deal sites to bring you this infographic showing the highs and lows of the industry. We hope you find it useful. If there’s any specific data you need for a blog post, news story or research project please feel free to get in touch with us on press [@] dealzippy.co.uk and we’ll do our best to help. [Continue reading…]

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Money Saving Tips When On Your Holidays

by John on August 9, 2012

in Travel

In the current economic climate everyone is looking for savvy ways to save money, whether on a day to day basis or money saving tips when on your holidays.   With a little bit of forethought and planning there are many ways to save money when on holiday. [Continue reading…]

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Birmingham is probably the last city tourists consider when exploring England. The first thing that comes to mind, obviously, is London. But the sad truth is that millions of other people think the same thing. So what happens? London ends up being overcrowded with hardly any room to walk from point A to point B. [Continue reading…]

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