Massage at beauty salon

Top Beauty Salons in Sheffield

by Katie on June 4, 2011

in Sheffield

Whether you are looking for a deeply relaxing massage to melt your stresses away or an invigorating facial to leave your skin perfectly nourished, Sheffield has it covered. Why not take some time out to re-connect with your mind, re-energize your body and refresh your spirit as you relax at one of the city’s top beauty salons?

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hot stone massages in London

Hot Stone Massages – what’s all the fuss?

by alexandra on May 13, 2011

in London

Massages are overrated – that’s often the opinion you hear when someone is presented with an upwards of £50 bill for half an hour of someone manipulating strategic parts of your body, in an effort to ease some of the aches and pains that build up as the result of living and working in a busy city. [Continue reading…]

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