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The British afternoon tea began  in the early nineteenth century when aristocrats and middling society  began to consume tea on a much greater scale. At this time most people  had only two meals per day - an early breakfast and a late evening meal.  The 'tea' become fashionable amongst well to do classes, as it broke up  the long periods between meals, and it was also a good excuse for a bit  of socialising.

Low tea was held by aristocrats in the early  afternoon, and high tea was held by the more middling classes as an  early supper in the evening. 'High' and 'low' actually refers to the  size of the table that the meal was served on; high tea would be taken  on a formal evening dining table, whereas low tea was more likely to be  presented in an ante-chamber.

Sadly, such traditions are less common  these days due to busy schedules, different eating patterns, and the  fact that most do not have the luxury of an ante-chamber, but there is  no reason why a high or low tea cannot still be looked on with  excitement and occasion. Whether for celebration, or for simple  enjoyment, the afternoon tea is a great way to relax with good company,  and in great settings.

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