History and culture may not be the first things that spring to mind when you think of some UK areas, towns or cities.  Well let’s face it – it’s probably the last thing. However, you would be wrong.It’s common knowledge around the area that Milton Keynes is a ‘new town,’ designed to take the pressure off housing in London in the 1960s. However, this North Buckinghamshire town has been the home to many powerful families and exciting events. Established as a regional centre, Milton Keynes offers a wide range of entertainment, sporting and leisure opportunities. At the very least – it’s better than Skeg Ness.

The Arty-Farty Types Will Love It!

Milton Keynes has its own purpose built art gallery, inspirationally named, The MK Gallery. Exciting name huh? The name might not be great but the gallery isn’t afraid to exhibit world class exhibitions of work from global contemporary artists.  In addition to exhibitions, the gallery hosts film screenings and has a full, well developed programme of activities specifically designed for families. From West End shows, to smaller more intimate performances, the theatre offers the full shebang! For a cracking pre-show meal, visit one of the many restaurants within the city, offering just about every type of cuisine you could wish for. The people in this town also love a good knees-up, with hundreds of bars and nightclubs, providing opportune moments to kick-back, relax and enjoy life.

MK Dons 1 – 0 Wimbledon FC

Now most of us in this country love a game of football. Football provides emotion, drama, despair, elation and everything in-between. For real football drama there is no better place than Milton Keynes. For starters MK Dons, the local football team established in 2004, is playing in League One – the third tier of English football. Now that’s fast progress. Name me another club less than 10 years old playing in the third tier league? Fair enough they had a bit of a head start – spending the previous 30 years as Wimbledon FC – but they could be in the Premier League in two years’ time! The transition from Wimbledon FC to MK Dons is a dramatic tale on its own. Disgraced at the decision to relocate to Milton Keynes, many of Wimbledon’s fans boycotted their team from 2004 onwards, meaning Wimbledon FC ceased to exist. MK Dons are in the third tier league. So I guess that’s a victory for Milton Keynes.

Green Fingers Galore

The people of North Buckinghamshire are keen green-fingers and landscapers, with Stowe Landscape Gardens being their pride and joy. What a garden. Now in the care of the National Trust, the Georgian gardens are being carefully restored to their full grandeur.  Once the property of the Dukes of Buckingham, one of the wealthiest and most powerful aristocratic families, the gardens at Stowe combine classical architecture with the landscaped garden on a grand scale.  Capability Brown was so impressed with the property that he even chose to get married there. Fresh air, great scenery and relaxed ambience – Milton Keynes. Boom.

Come Rest in the Arms of  Great Area

As you would expect Milton Keynes has a high standard and variety of accommodation.  Thanks to its location it is popular with many businesses. This factor has, in part, influenced the quality of the accommodation available in Milton Keynes, where options range from apartments and self-catering properties to boutique hotels, country spas or guesthouses.  Prices vary depending on the usual factors, such as season or demand during special events, but quality is one factor that remains high throughout the year.