You don’t need to be a true blue, dyed in the wool, John Bull patriot to know that England has some fantastic sights to see and fascinating things to do, but sometimes it does help to have a little local knowledge to winkle out the real gems. That’s why Visit England have launched their new Facebook competition with a ‘101 things to do before you go abroad’ page, inviting anyone to propose their favourite sites and sights, and offering some great holidays as prizes for those lucky enough to make the final list.

Visitors to the page can vote for their favourite English holiday ideas, activities and destinations, and – who knows – put up a suggestion yourself and you may be in the running for a prize. There are ideas suitable for short breaks or longer trips, and for city-based activities right through to stunning wilderness scenery. There’s no single perfect holiday that suits everyone, but there’s no shortage of variety on offer, either. Discover plush hotels and spas for a pamper weekend, head out to the wilds for some rugged mountain biking, pony trekking and canoeing, or simply rent a car and tour some of the most beautiful gardens in the country.

The Facebook page opens with an interactive map of England, allowing you to search for holiday experiences by region or theme, with colourful icons pinpointing the best locations. The themes include food and drink, history and heritage, arts and culture, wildlife and nature, health and fitness, and the rather intriguingly titled ‘Because it’s awesome’ category. There’s something for every taste, so why not log on and discover something new or share your favourite bijou beaches, hospitable hotels and stunning scenery? It’s only by those ‘in the know’ sharing their favourite places that they can become better known and more people become able to experience the incredible diversity and quality of England’s countryside, small towns and cities. Activities on offer stretch from high-brow culture through extreme sports to pure unadulterated fun, so there is plenty to choose from whether you prefer intellectual or outdoor pursuits.

Front runners in the voting so far include the Black Country Living Museum, Ice Skating on the Fens and Code-breaking at Bletchley Park, but with the competition open until March 1st there’s still plenty of time to submit your ideas for a chance at winning one of six themed English getaways. Even placing a vote for an existing suggestion could win you an English Weekend Getaway. The competition is open to anyone of 18 years or older, and six entries are allowed per person.

Whatever your take on life and your taste in holidays, there is enough to see and do in England to seriously consider making it a ‘staycation’ this year, and once you have visited ‘101 things to do before you go abroad’ you won’t be short of ideas, either.