If you are the kind of person for whom exercise is not something that comes naturally, then you will know that it always helps to have a great big dose of motivation. 

There’s really nothing more motivating than being yelled at by a red faced man in a military uniform in front of a group of your peers in the middle of a public park.If that’s not going to get you through the pain barrier, nothing will!  Ok, so the training sessions run by British Military Fitness are actually not that savage and you’re not going to have to drop ‘and give me 100′ if you can’t keep up with the group (maybe 20..), but there is a lot to be said for group exercise led by someone whose body is so sculptured it looks like a Ken doll, even if you only go to drool over his abs. They must be doing something right anyway as British Military Fitness runs over 400 classes a week in 105 parks across the UK.

There are more than 500 instructors running British Military Fitness classes and each one is bona fide military fit, being either a serving or former member of the armed forces.  The classes take place in public parks and green areas around the country and you don’t need anything other than some work out gear and a little steely determination.  There are currently more than 20,000 people jogging and relaying their way to a toned and honed bod with British Military Fitness classes and there is no standard fitness level for entry. If your idea of a circuit is a quick sprint to the local corner shop for a Twix and a packet of crisps and back, then you can avoid the real nutters who can sprint 10-miles before breakfast as the classes are graded by ability.  You can choose to be either beginner, intermediate or advanced, which means you will be among other slightly shame faced couch potatoes looking to get a bit fitter, rather than competing with Paula Radcliffe types.

Costs for the classes vary but it is around £120 for a block of 10.  If you want to try a class before you commit to anything regular, the first session is free.  You can also do 1 class per week for £36, or go mad with unlimited classes per week for £48.  There are British Military Fitness classes around London in pretty much any green space you can think of, including Battersea Park, Canary Wharf, Hampstead Heath, Finsbury Park, Victoria Park and Wimbledon Park. As well as getting you fighting fit, the sessions are also something of a social occasion and there are regular trips and expeditions organised for interested parties, as well as more group fitness like 10k runs, and some less fitness orientated events like parties and socials.

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