It’s bad enough missing your train, but when you’ve missed the chance to pick up some shopping whilst rushing to the station, it’s even worse. Thankfully, at Piccadilly Rail that isn’t a problem as it is well supplied with a selection of shops and eateries.

Of the four train stations in central Manchester, Piccadilly is the biggest. It is also the busiest train station in the North with over 28.5 people per annum travelling through its doors. It first opened in 1842 and has been known as Manchester Piccadilly since 1960. The station has no less than 14 platforms enabling passengers to travel as far afield as Scotland or Devon.

Nowadays it has transformed dramatically since the early days of its operation and greets the visitor with a host of facilities. For onward travel, these include a 600 space car park, cycle stores, bus and taxi ranks, as well as a tram terminus situated beneath the train station. You will also find many seating areas, high tech electronic timetables, information points, public toilets and photograph booths. Additionally, the station has full access for disabled people, and provides staff help at all hours. Surprisingly, however, one of the things that the station lacks is litter bins, which makes it awkward to dispose of used train tickets.

As well as the many facilities that you might expect from a large, modern railway station, Piccadilly has an array of shops and you can easily pass a blissful half hour until your next train arrives. Not only can you buy something at Sainsbury’s or Marks and Spencer to cook for your evening meal and pick up a newspaper from WH Smith, but you can also buy any last minute presents or treat yourself. Chain store outlets include Monsoon, Accessorize and Tie Rack. You can even stock up on medication and toiletries courtesy of Superdrug and the Body Shop.

Piccadilly Station is also a good place to meet people if your friends or colleagues are travelling into Manchester on different trains. There are various restaurants, bars and other eateries. These range from fast food outlets and coffee bars to fully licensed bars and restaurants, including Yo Sushi and Café Ritazza. So, if you’ve got time to spare you may as well treat yourself to a meal and not bother with the cooking when you arrive home.

So, that’s the shopping and dining taken care of! And if all that spending has left you short of cash, you will also find a number of cash machines conveniently dotted around the station.