In the current economic climate everyone is looking for savvy ways to save money, whether on a day to day basis or money saving tips when on your holidays.   With a little bit of forethought and planning there are many ways to save money when on holiday.

  • Consider booking early. Trailfinders have reported that the best time to book is 11 months in advance when flights have just been released and there are plenty of cheaper seats available.  Of course you can always leave it until the last minute when airlines and tour operators sell off unsold seats and hotel rooms, but this can be a little risky and can severely limit your choice.
  • Consider travelling at unsociable times.  Travelling at night or off peak can be much cheaper than day flights. If it’s possible, avoid school holidays.  By travelling at off peak times there will be fewer crowds and some great deals.  You should bear in mind that if taking night flights involves extra accommodation at the airport, it may increase the cost.
  • If you have a close family or group of friends why not consider sharing the cost and booking a large villa or cottage.  This not only gives you the benefit of group reductions but there will always be someone who is interested in doing the same things as you.
  • Houseswaps offer cost free accommodation.  You swap your home with someone from, well literally anywhere else in the world.  You give your guests access to both your home and your car and vice versa.  An alternative which may not suit everyone, but is certainly worth considering if you want to see a particular country on a budget but still have relative home comforts.
  • Avoid excess baggage charges by travelling light.  We always take far too many things on holiday.  Once you have laid out everything you plan to take, half the quantity.  You won’t miss the items and you won’t run the risk of being charged excess baggage charges.  It’ll also leave room for those inevitable souvenirs.
  • When travelling by air, if your meals are not all inclusive, consider taking your own food onto the plane.  With the exorbitant costs charged by budget airlines for inflight meals it’s easy to save money by making a packed lunch or even buying one of the meal deals from a certain high street store found in every airport.
  • Organise your holiday money before you go. Avoid changing money at airports and if you do need to change money in resort, shop around before you buy.  Commission free does not mean profit free.  Check the rates and exactly what you will be getting for your pound.
  • When in resort, track down local restaurants and bars.  Not only will it give you a real flavour of the country but the food will usually be good.  I always live by the motto, if the locals are eating there, then it’s worth trying.

These are just a few money saving tips to make your money go further when on your holidays, but more importantly just relax and enjoy yourself. You’ve deserved it!