If someone asked you to list some of the most typically unhealthy meals, I expect that an Indian curry would feature somewhere near the top. But eating an enjoyable Indian meal doesn’t have to be a no go area for those on a diet.

Just five miles from the city centre and easily accessible by motorway and public transport is a gem of a restaurant called the Aashiana. Not only is the Aashiana renowned for its fine Indian cuisine, but it also offers healthy options consisting of: less sugar, less fat and less salt. Additionally, the staff are really accommodating and happy to cater to dietary requests.


The Aashiana opened in 2003 and is located in the centre of Denton in Tameside. Since 2006 it has won an award every year, except 2009, in the Tameside Curry Chef competition, including ‘Best Restaurant’. Having experienced Aashiana’s high quality meals many times, I agree with the judges. Although I mainly go for a less fat option, there is no compromise on taste.

As well as healthy options, several menu choices, such as the ‘Chef’s Signature’ dishes, are smaller than a typical Indian meal so you’re not tempted to overeat. My particular favourite is the Lasooni Jhinga, a scrumptious dish of ‘Tiger Prawns cooked in an exotic mix of spices’. The Seafood Special is really good too. If you are dieting, it’s also worth considering that some Indian dishes are naturally lower in fat. For example, you could try Chicken Tandoori or Chicken Tikka accompanied by a salad rather than curry sauce.

For those who are not worried about dieting, the Aashiana serves traditional favourites in extremely generous portions. Another advantage is that you don’t have to pay city centre prices; a Lamb Vindaloo is just £5.50 and a Chicken Tikka Korma is £6.95. Additionally, the interior is modern and cosy and there is a comprehensive wine list, which includes a selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.

Other Healthy Eating Restaurants

For other healthy eating options in the city, you could try one of the following:

–       Izakaya Samsi Japanese restaurant on Whitworth Street, which was acknowledged on channel 4 as one of the top 10 health eating restaurants in the UK.

–       Shlurp Soup Bar at Brazennose Street, which serves healthy fast food that is prepared daily and doesn’t have any additives.

–       Barburrito, which has a number of Mexican restaurants across the city and prepares everything fresh daily without the use of preservatives.

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