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Lipo is the new  safer alternative to conventional liposuction. Done with the use of a  local anaesthetic, low level laser energy is introduced just below the  skin. The laser breaks down the walls of the fat cells, and lets water,  fatty acids and glycerol leak out, making the fat cells shrink. Then  your lymphatic system flushes the fatty liquids through your system,  allowing your body to use them as an energy source when you exercise.  Those stubborn areas of fat shrink, to give you a better body shape. The  I Lipo method even stimulates the lymph nodes near your treatment sites  with low energy lasers, to help get rid of that fat faster.

It  can be used anywhere you've got fat you'd like to burn away: stomach,  cheeks, chin, hips, thighs, back and arms are all perfect for treatment.  And it's not just for the ladies. Gentlemen, you can get those moobs  shrunk too!

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